Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feeling Like Any Accidents are Happy Accidents

I have been a fitful blogger. And for that I once again apologize. I've been travelling. I've been sick. I've been (clinically) depressed.

But, I do finally once again feel like I am on track back to health and vitality.

Despite surviving the stomach flu on the heels of bronchitis (yes, Universe, please, I WOULD like to spend an entire night coughing while curled up on the bathroom floor with my robe and a blanket, desperately trying to keep juice/water/ice chips / Gatorade down...) I finally feel like I have found my way back into the flow of energy that will serve me.

Whilst waiting for my prescription to be filled at the local pharmacy, I noticed a flyer promoting a local Reiki workshop. It was free and being hosted by a practicioner who'd I seen before. So, what the heck.

I wound up going and meeting not one, not two, but about six truly amazing souls who have so much to share with me. We had hours of amazing conversation, truly intense meditation and powerful energy work like little else I've ever experienced.

It was just in time because I was really and truly starting to wallow.

Of course, the Reiki master warned us of the possibility of detox symptoms.

Flash forward to last night's nightmares. Five in all. All of them set in the same general venue, so I know that more was at work than fever dreams or cough-syrup induced dreams. (Yes, I hate to admit it, but I did have to indulge in the TusseinX.) Dreams of GoodBuddy on OD. Dreams of fights with the Parental Units. Dreams of hysterics from CBL. Dreams of travel nightmares. Dreams of getting lost in transit, of falling down stairwells, of being late for departures or meetings. Each time a dream would wake me up, I'd fall back to sleep and re-enter that scary, screwy world.

When I awoke this morning, I was feeling unsettled. And just a tad exhausted. But as I continued to swirl around the dream images, I realized that all of the scenes had brought up issues I've been struggling with. And they all pointed out important - insistent - realizations.

So, maybe they were just dreams. But maybe they were, in fact, my soul detoxing the very important messages raised during my healing.

You probably have to be a NewAge FreakyDeaky like me to buy in to any of this. But I know how vivid the dreams were. And I know how many "hot buttons" they hit upon. And, well, when they're all put together they really did come out like and M. Night Shamalin film. So....