Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Special Levels of Cluelessness

It's true that CBL has been getting less crazy. Although, that might be only because I worked from home all last week with the fractured rib. Still, she does seem to be on a more even keel.

But never fear. CBL remains an apt and appropriate name. C for crazy. C for clueless. You be the judge.

Today, she came by my cube round about 4:30. I was typing away. She informed me she'd be "dashing out early" to get a "ManiPedi." Great, I said. Have fun.

"Hey," she asked me. "Is somthing wrong? You seem kind of quiet today."

"Yeah, well, I'm in pain."

"Why? What happened?"

"Um, I broke my rib. (???)"

"Oh, that still hurts?"

Like I said, a whol special level of cluelessness.