Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday. I am blessed.

I am one of those crazy adults who still think birthdays count for something. I don't know why. But every year I look forward to and try to make the most of my birthday.

July 29. Best little day of the whole year.

Last year, it was a bit of a dicey day. I'd fairly recently split from a relationship. I'd been laid off. I was up for a new job. I was living with a roommate. I was waitressing (again). I had no way of knowing how or what the Universe had planned for me. I remember wondering how, why and what. I remember feeling utterly lonely and - sadly - very sad.

This week I made the wonderous decision to take a vacation from work and just stay home. And how many ways it has paid off. I am fully and totally realizing how wonderfully blessed I am. And it's not even the Big Day yet.

To whit:

I spent a weekend with a wonderful woman and her son who are intelligent, insightful, centered, witty, kind, caring and thoughtful. She strategically hid a birthday card and present - which was sweet enough in itself. Even sweeter? She quoted my favorite line from my favorite book. She rocks.

My wonderously talented friend came up today and treated me to a decadent day at the beach. Champagne from plastic cups, lazy floating in the ocean and an indulgence of my rambling (okay, buzzy) tales.

At least three random people told me I was glowing. True, it might be the sunburn. But it might be the inner joy.

GoodBuddy called to tell me, "I wanted to, but am not gonna, be able to stay awake another hour and a half to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday."

I have three days left of peaceful vacationing bliss. Many of these will be spent surrounded by people who are becoming a valued and vital part of my life. Yes, life changes. And we never know what is around the corner. But if we trust in The Universe I do believe we will find out that It's All Good.