Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Now What the F**^ is the Universe Trying to Tell Me?

Here are the facts of the case:

This morning, I awoke from a very disturbing, very realistic dream, when my alarm went off at 5:05. It usually goes off at 4:45. I had gone to bed 20 minutes earlier than normal. Despite this extra sleep (and no extraneous circumstances) I was EXHAUSTED.

On my way to yoga practice, I stopped off at an ATM for cash. In doing so, I took the sideview mirror clean off the driver side window. The only repair window they have available is Saturday at 9 am.

On my way into work, I got a call from a program I'd contacted regarding their MBA program. They're still interested in candidates for the fall program, even though I'd indicated I was a likely candidate for winter. They're interested in my background.

I went to lunch and ordered the lunch special. Except they didn't have the vegetarian portion of the appetizer. So I could get the lunch special without the part of it that makes it special, for the same price.

I finally got off the train at my station only to find my car - complete with broken mirror - had been towed. I wandered around town for 20 minutes before finding the impound lot. They charge more than they do in downtown Boston. But at least they take Visa.

SO - given my debt level, and the fact that I am now looking at a $115 tow charge and at least a $500 repair fee. AND given that I might have the opportunity to develop my career here in town. AND given the fact that I might be looking at having a real heart to heart with CBL about my commute logistics. Does it still make sense for me to be registering for the three Anusara Immersions with Todd and Anne?

I can't make any decisions right now. I'm much too close to everything. I know that in yoga lies the path to my healing and sanity. But I also know that the $2k I've put aside for the fee, not to mention the 15+ nights hotel accomodation I'll have to book, could come in wicked handy right now.

I don't know what the Universe is telling me to do. But I do know that I am going to take a cue from past regrets and not make any hasty decisions. Time to meditate. Time to breathe. Time to think.