Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad Car Karma

Wasn't the best weekend for cars in the greater Gloucester area.
You may have seen our city's most recent claim to fame:

Actress Bullock Unharmed in Gloucester Car Crash

Then, yesterday, as I was driving through Rockport (ironically enough, interested to see some of the facades put up for the very same movie) I kinda sorta a little bit backed into a pole as I was trying to fit into a very tight parallel parking space. No real damage done, but it spooked me out.

To top it all off, my brand spanking new XM radio isn't working in my car. Seems a fritzing docking station is at fault. They'll replace it, but I have to mail the whole kit n'caboodle back and they'll mail the replacement out. Ground. Seven business days. Nice. And, the nerd that I am - do you know what my reaction was? "I'll miss Rachel's PA Primary Coverage!"

I contemplated going home for lunch this afternoon, since they're filming literally right around the corner from my apartment, but I think that might be pushing my karma uphill a bit too far, don't you?