Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back Up In the Saddle

Well, fresh off the success of a non-loser's club PBR event, I have momentous news. Kalesy is back on the horse. In a manner of speaking.

I have a blind date tomorrow night.

At first I was really not into this, even though I kind of initiated it. You see, I joined Match for a full on three-day free trial. I was bound and determined not to waste my three days, so I emailed the only moderately interesting candidate. He emailed back. Thusly it works. But for whatever reason, I had figured that, no, I wasn't really that interested and, ugh, I have a cold and I'm too busy and ....

But, screw it. I took another look at his profile and he seems pretty funny. And smart. And kinda cute (from what I could see. Did you look at my picture on that dern site? I rest my case.) And then I Googled him. Guess what? He's a CG Animator. Like, for real. Like for money. Yikes. His portfolio is indeed quite cool.

He's suggested we meet up in Gloucester, so as to save me a drive. Which is sweet. (Although he doesn't know my yoga class earlier in the day is actually closer to him. We'll keep that our secret.) He's also suggested a pretty swank Martini bar. Which means he either has taste and class or wants to appear that way. Either way, I'll get a pomegranate martini out of the deal.

So, maybe it will go well and maybe it will go crap. But, the sun is shining, the snow is dripping off the trees, I saw the sun rise over the harbor, and I have a date.

Yee Haw.