Sunday, December 02, 2007

All I Want for Christmas...

I pretty much got this weekend....

An amazing day of yoga on Saturday. Class with Deb was (shocking!) amazing and the meditation about "Living a Radical Life" was (more shocking!) exactly what I needed. And while the asana portion of the class wasn't as difficult as I was hoping, it was really great to spend time focusing on the precise alignments and universal principals. (That said, if I don't do another chutarunga for a couple of days, I'll be a VERY happy camper!)
And today, I went up to Rockport w/ HypnoGal and Mrs. H. Much fun was had as we oogled sparkly things. HypnoGal even gave me an awesomenessly awesome housewarming gift - a matted and framed B&W photo of a beautiful Misty Tree that she took herself. How perfect! It's definitely getting pride of place in my wonderful new apartment.

And as we chatted and walked and sipped our coffee, I was struck again by how amazing it is that I live here.

I feel so unbelievably blessed. This is, for sure, what the holidays are all about. Health, happiness, comfort, joy.

Here's some photo memories:

HypnoGal shows off MadSkilllz

Gull and Boat on Bearskin Neck
PS -- Forgot to mention the guy that works in the Tibetan store.... We anticipate having to do much purchasing of Tibetan goods this year.... *grin*