Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More Loser's Club Vindication

It so easily could have been a Loser's Club goes to Six Flags story. I was on the fence about going anyway. Two trips to Western MA in one weekend plus an entire day spent with a group of Peeps I didn't know. But WriterGal talked me into it, so...

Everyone was super nice. And by that I mean they were sarcastic and funny in a dark, mean, bitter way. Which meant that they were acting themselves around me. (I'd heard enough stories to know what to expect of their behavior.)

We get there and make a beeline for the Cyclone. And wait in line. And wait in line. Every single ride at the park was backed up for at least 45 minutes. And we're almost to the front and a buzzer starts going off. And then they start running empty trains. Not a good sign. Ten minutes later, people from the very front of the line start leaving. Ride's shut down.

Next ride, the Catapult. This thing looks disgustingly scary but, that's what amusement parks are for. We make it onto the ride, strap in, and then a voice comes over the loudspeaker. Ride's shut down.

After a full five hours at the park, I can only report going on three rides. Of those three, in one I lost an earring, and in another I think I completely freaked out the guy sitting next to me. (He's probably not used to hearing people whispering yoga mantras while waiting for a ride to hurtle you into space.)

So why isn't this a Loser's Club story? Because on the way back to my car, the gal driving me mentioned that her sister- and brother-in-law live in Gloucester. And they're really cool. My age. She should put us in touch. And she and her wife visit every summer and rent a house. We should hang.

So, I had a decent time with people who didn't seem completely horrified at my presence and even made some instant friends in my new home town.

Oh, and I somehow found my earring before exiting the ride to my left.

I believe they call that vindication.