Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Great and Powerful Moz

It's been a super busy, hectic, crazy, emotional whirlwind of a few days. Moving happened, torrential downpour and all. Nothing that I know of was broken or lost in the melee and I would say I'm about 85% settled in.

New apartment is great except I can't seem to get the hot water in the shower to stay hot. This sucks. But the landlord seems responsive, so hopefully we'll get it fixed. I cannot live without the hot bath option....

But it's been amazing being in Gloucester. People seem really friendly - almost too friendly. There was a wierd incident involving a couple, a Mexican restaurant, a margarita and an invitation. I'm not sure if they're in a cult or an "open" relationship. I think I'll wait awhile before taking them up on their offer to "swing by their place"... (Swing being the operative word, methinks.)

And tonight is the Morrissey concert. I am much excited. It's gonna suck driving in and out of the city on the day of the stupid Red Sox parade (did you hear the "crowd response" from Fenway? I am ashamed to be from the same city as these drunken idjuts...). But I am uber excited for the show. He's so amazing live. *sigh* A gal in love.... Maybe I can hook up with a random Brit again and get invited to the front row. Hey, it worked last time....

And after tomorrow, the writing begins. NaNoWriMo, here I come!