Sunday, August 12, 2007

What Day is Today?

The human spirit is an amazing thing.

It's 9:20 GMT which means it's 4:20 EST which means I've been awake going on 32 hours. I lie - I took an hourlong nap. Still...

Somehow I managed to remain remotely human, somewhat intelligent, and mostly cheery during my inter-human-interactions today. No idea how.

I did manage to smack my hand into a railing while climbing stairs (my balance isn't even that good when I'm rested, you should see me now. Vrksasana? Not on your life.) But otherwise I don't have too many injuries to show for the ordeal.

Still, as I sit in my room, not really listening to SkyNews, I realize that I'm just not ready to go to sleep. My body thinks it's dinner time. (Note - I just ate a ginormous plate of pasta - YUM! Whole thing! YUM!) So I'm contemplating breaking down and indulging in a remnant of some mind-altering substances prescribed to help me sleep during my oral surgery nightmares. I'm not proud that I'm thinking of it, but if I don't get some sleep I might actually lose my mind. Besides, if I'm moderately screwed up tomorrow (read chemical hangover) I can blame EXTREME JETLAG! Sorry, I was channeling my inner hardcore rocker...

Today begins one of the more stressful weeks of my life. Wish me luck.