Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Blah's

Today is Easter Sunday. Ooh bah. All this really means to me is that stores are closed and I've consumed too much chocolate for my own good lately.

But the rest of the world seems to be out, enjoying life and being joyous. And I'm just kind of feeling blah.

I think part of it was because there was no yoga this a.m. Class was cancelled and so I took advantage of the free time and slept in and cleaned the apartment. And even though I'm glad for the rest, it both messed up my usual schedule (oh, how we Earth types like our routines) and left me with lots of unspent nervous energy.

And, while my body was absolutely crying out for some downtime after 10 days without a rest, I've got the cloud of this upcoming stinking procedure hanging over my head. Not only will I not want to workout, I won't be allowed to workout. Okay, sure, the doctor won't know if I do or I don't, but my recovery will be a heckuva lot longer if I do. And that kinda defeats the purpose. So I've been trying to cram in extra exercise every which way I can.

So, instead of enjoying this beautiful day, I'm sitting here projecting and feeling cranky. Pretty dumb, huh?

Reminds me, rather, of a former priest at my old parish. Came out one Easter Sunday to give the sermon and basically trotted out a fire and brimstone lesson of how "it ain't all bunnies and baskets." Which is true in the long run, but sometimes it's best to focus on the bunnies and baskets and leave the future to itself.

Which, ironically, is the point of yoga.

Ooooh, I'm just too deep for my own damn good.

I'll shut up now.