Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Origin of Mr. Zips

I recently received a question from a friend - what is the origin of the name Mr. Zips? Well, it's kinda convoluted, but if you know me, that's not surprising.

Mr. Zips and I are both fans of random Internet mayhem. People who have too much time on their hands. To this I offer up b3ta as evidence. Sign up for their newsletter, you won't be disappointed. Mr. Zips is a particular fan of old-school favorite Strong Bad. And especially liked this episode. In it, Dangeresque calls a young lady "Cutsie Buttons." Arrive my nickname. And, not to be outdown, I baptised him Mr. Handsome Zips. Abbreviated to Mr. Zips.

It's convoluted, but it works.

And if I haven't mentioned it enough lately -- to him or to my blog -- I love him.