Friday, March 23, 2007


Yes, that's hookEY and not hookER. Bad reader!

So, today I played hookey. Not really. I did have to go into the office at one point (because in addition to decorating our office like a B&B, the other way we'll sell software is to change a verb on our Web site to something more IMPACTFUL. Ugh.) And I did start doing email at nine a.m. like a good little keyboard monkey. But, I did manage to stay in my jammies until noon.

And this always throws me off. Those days where you don't really have any schedule or any time constraints. I always think I'm gonna get tons done. And yet, I still haven't cleaned my damn apartment (are we noticing a theme here? Please PLEASE let me one day be independently wealthy and hire a cleaning crew...)

It's making me wonder what I'm avoiding dealing with. Is there some thought or emotion I've been blockading that gads of quiet, non-BurgerTime-playing time will allow me to experience? Is this, perhaps, why I've felt the need to sob uncontrollably for days? (No, I haven't actually yet shed a tear. So beware. The tidal wave is coming).

It's probably a good thing that I scheduled an energy work session for next week. I do loves me some reiki.

And, thank Shakti, this weekend is a yoga weekend!

PS -- Speaking of which, I got cornered whilst at home working in my jammies, by some Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses folks today, inviting me to come to a meeting on the anniversary of Jesus' death (which apparently is April 2.) Do you think they'd really welcome a pagan, bisexual, yogini into their midst? Maybe I should go................