Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Universe WILL Provide

Last Sunday, while on another one of my infamous hikes, I was doing a lot of thinking about basic needs - food, clothing, MONEY. I'm not so good with the money. I spend it a lot and make it only a little. And, so, for the first part of my walk, I was berating myself for being 31 and living hand-to-mouth, no savings.

And then, about halfway through my hike, I started thinking about all the times I just gave up and let the Universe take care of me. Those days when I had no money and somehow, someway, found a way to make ends meet. And I decided that, while I did need to set a plan to get back on track, somehow, this month it would all come together and I'd be OK. Even though I only had $72.04 in the bank and it was four days 'till payday.

Lo and behold, Monday arrives and 1) I got my tax return in the mail 2) I got some random check as part of a class action lawsuit against Glaxo Smith Kline I had no idea was even going on, much less involving me 3) got my P.A.L.S. coupon from Pets Plus for one free bag of (expensive) cat food.

So, tax return, right to savings. Check, cashed for lunch today and tomorrow (hey, $12.06 only goes so far...). Coupon, to be spent this evening to feed yoga cats. And payday is tomorrow at midnight and raises kick in end of month, retroactive to the beginning of the year.

All I can say is one big, giant, thunderous, capital letters THANK YOU.