Sunday, February 25, 2007

Acclimating - a dialogue

Mr. Zips and I are slowly learning to co-habitate. He is, at this very moment, in bed and (hopefully) asleep. While I blog. And watch Futurama.

Yeah, Futurama. Bested only by Family Guy. (You can't deny kids Sex Ed. If you do, they get all confused. Just look at Michael Jackson. "The kid in me loves the frosting. But the adult in me loves the kid in me!")

Anyway, it's a happy compromise so long as I continue to kid myself that he wasn't expecting any action tonight. I know he was, but since he wasn't overt about it, I can labor under the misconception that he wasn't.

What was he thinking? I did 7 hours of intense asana this weekend. I can barely move, much less make hot monkey love.

In a somewhat related note, a friend of mine called the other day with the message, "Where are you when I need someone to talk me out of having sex? Call me!"

What was she thinking? Was she really expecting me to talk her OUT of having sex? I mean, seriously.

Kalesy does love her sex. As long as there isn't a long-time companion actually asking me for it.

What's wrong with this reality?