Saturday, January 06, 2007

Topless Hiking in January?

Well, here I am, "home" once again in P'boig (aka Phillipsburg). One might say that this is a little too much family togetherness. One might be right.

I'm home to take my mother to see a bullriding event in NYC tomorrow. The PBR. Professional Bull Riders. Have you seen these people? It's regulated insanity.

But those boys are nice looking, if you can see past those little crosses most of 'em got stitched on their collars. They sign your program (if you care to stand among the throngs of big-haired "buckle bunnies" there to get themselves a husband) with a flourish: "Jesus Loves You, NAME." Of course, if you're 8 seconds away from death, maybe you really are looking to be saved.

Anyway, in order to get away from the good ole fam, I went for a hike today at my favorite resevoir spot. And hilarity ensued.

Friends of mine know that I'm prone to excessive sweating. My internal thermostat is shot. Which causes a little embarrasment but no real concern at my healthclub where I'm a regular gym rat.

It causes a little more concern when I'm out in the woods. Because today, I was not dressed for the weather.

Correction, I was dressed fine for the expected weather, but NOT for the actual weather.

It hit 72 degrees in the tri-state area today.

So, there I was in a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and wool socks. Sweating. A lot. And I thought, hmmm - haven't seen people around in awhile. Maybe it would be okay if I just lifted up my shirt a little. Let some air circulate. But then, that felt so good. So maybe it would be okay if I just took my shirt off, just for a second, and got some breeze on my skin.

Not okay.

Because on 70+ degree days in January, lots of people take their kids out for walks on a Saturday. And the one thing they don't want their kids to see is a 30 y/o hiking with only a bra on.

The good news is, I heard them coming and got my shirt on in time. The bad news is, I got so nervous and jumpy when I heard them that I got even sweatier. Seemed like a good idea at the time....

So tomorrow, we're off to the PBR in NYC. And I get on an Acela Express at 6 p.m. and don't have to be "home" again until next Thanksgiving.

The holidays are officially over.