Monday, January 15, 2007


It's nice to receive compliments - what my dad calls "AttaBoys." It's nice. (It's also good to keep them on file just in case HR calls....) But sometimes, people really don't care about you when they give an AttaBoy. And that ticks me off.

If you ever wanted an example of exactly why Napolean, my boss, drives me nutso, I submit the following evidence:

To herald in our new website with a proper Irish (Irish American) celebration I'd like to invite (on me) the office out to a local pub for a few pints next week when I'm back up. Guinness must be available at the pub selected to make this a proper celebration not to mention I favor Guinness these days if you must know. I suggest a Charles Street establishment if appropriate or other pub within walking distance from the office. KALESY is our guest of honor as the program lead on the website so she can choose the venue. I suggest we do this around 4:00pmish on Wednesday afternoon if that works. Hip hip hurrah!

First off - Wednesday night is my yoga night. He knows this.

Second off - I don't drink Guinness.

Well, it's not like I'm the guest of honor. Oh, wait, yea, I am.

Alas, Napolean's trip north got cancelled, so I got a reprieve.

Karma is wonderful.