Sunday, February 20, 2011

In, ss they say, the weeds

Third official shift and it was a double. And, oh!, what a double it was.

Seemed mgmt hadn't thought to take into account it was a 3-day weekend.

10:30 the doors opened. 10:30, the onslaught began. It ended around 9:30. P.M. Do the math. By the time the restaurant was cleaned and re-set, it was a solid midnight.

Long day and, yes, I am making good use of my Tiger Balm. But it was also a good day.

Sure, there are still lots of things I need to learn about the menu and the computer and...

But, I also showed my true colors today. It was rip-roarin busy and only once did I slide into the weeds. And more times than not, I was able to take on more than I offloaded.

And by the end of the night, the GM came up to me to thank me. "Not many newbies would have handled tonight as well, much less with a smile. So thanks."

I take it less as praise and more as validation, if that doesn't seem too vain. Tonight also showed me many lessons that will be hugely important as I look to build on my "personal vision."

And, let's be honest. It was a hella day. But I have $200+ in my pocket I ddn't have this a.m. Guess I don't need to grovel for a loan just yet. Just yet...