Friday, February 18, 2011

I am Beet Girl

I had my second "official" shift at the restaurant yesterday. Unlike all the other lunch shifts I've seen, this one was jammin'. I had more parties in the first hour than I'd had total the day before. And these peeps were buying glasses of wine and beers and starters and desserts. Cha Ching. Not to mention they all seemed to be totally chill - which equals more cha ching.

Here's where the beets come in. We have a couple of great salads on our menu, but two fantabulous ones: A warm beet and spinich salad and an organic mixed greens salad. For me, I love beets, but sometimes spinach makes my mouth feel dry. So I usually get the mixed greens add beets. It's a fantastic combo but I don't really suggest it.

When diners order a salad, I often try to upsell by suggesting grilled chicken or a bowl of bisque to add to it. Never "why don't you add beets?". But for some reason, every salad I sold yesterday asked to add beets.

After awhile - no surprise - the kitchen started asking questions. "What the hell is up with the beets?" "Are you pimping the beets?" When we had only two orders of beets left, my last party of the day ordered ... drumroll ... two beet salads. No lie. The second they told me their order, I burst out laughing, right at the table.

Best way to earn a tip ever? Sign their bill "Thanks, Beet Girl" when dropping it at the table. Never fails.

PS - walked with $75. Not too shabby for a winter's lunch shift!