Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Waiting for the heat to break

I don't know who authorized this heat wave, but it sure as hell wasn't me. I do not do well in the heat. Not at all. Even if I do spend the majority of my day in an air conditioned office, the heat affects me in big bad ways.

Witness today. I was exhausted most of the day. Shouldn't have been. Mr. Zips and I went to bed early and, with the AC on weren't even awakened by the totally awesome college kids that live (to party and party to live) next door.

I left work early to go to my farm. It was pick-up day and even though it would have been a lot easier to ask one of my neighboring CSA members to pick up my share, there were lots of U Picks today. And, well, I've never picked strawberries before. YUM! MESSY!

But there I was, in the 90 degree heat, in the middle of a farm, wearing the wrong clothes and the wrong shoes, my hair in my face, my glasses fogging over (and don't EVEN get me started on the horror show that is the lack of delivery from VisionDirect contacts!!!!!!!!!!), my fingers stained with red juice and dirt.

Getting home was even worse. My AC is shot in my car and traffic was not moving. So I sat there, windows down to no avail. And I sweated. And sweated. And all the sugar from those strawberries that made it directly from vine to mouth fermented in my tummy. Not yummy.

Suffice to say, I didn't work out today. I came home and made straight for a cold shower. I feel bad about it, but Mr. Zips is teaching me (altho I protest) that it's entirely OK not to be a workout freak every day of my life. I will not (okay, I might not) blow up like a ginormous balloon.

But, the heat is supposed to break with a huge, ferocious thunderstorm. I can't wait. I can smell rain in the air and there was thunder rumbling earlier. But, where, oh where, is the relief?

People wanna know why I'm an Earth nazi? Because if global warming really really happens, I'm gonna be a complete and total bitch.