Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kismet - Or Something

So I've been thinking alot about this meeting new people/making new friends thing. And I decide to take decisive action.

For someone who's as loud and out there as I am, it may be surprising that I'm wicked insecure about meeting new peeps. But enough is enough. So, I signed up to go to a "picnic" of sorts at a local coffee shop this Sunday with an online "ladies group." (And, yes, that does mean what you think it means...)

My last stint in Boston, I belonged to a similar group and, although I don't think the emphasis on appearance and drinking and hooking up was necessarily the best focus for me, I did find the members to be welcoming, kind, and uber friendly. Funny how people on the "fringe" tend to be more inclusive than, oh say, the religious right.

I'm sure this won't make Mr. Zips too happy, but I'm not looking for a date or a hookup. I'm looking for similar peeps to myself, with whom I can chat and laugh and not have to worry about talking about their kids.

So, I was feeling all good about this decision. And then, into my Inbox came this reason to feel even better. From Daily Om:

Whether your comfort zone is living with your parents, or perhaps being too shy to socialize, or maybe it’s not realizing your spirit self—whatever it is, start small, and you will discover that venturing beyond the limited comfort zone you now cling to is not as stressful an experience as you imagined it might be. And the joy you feel upon challenging yourself in this way will nearly always outweigh your discomfort. As you continue to expand your comfort zone to include new ideas, activities, goals, and experiences, you will see that you are capable of stimulating change and coping with the fresh challenges that accompany it.

Wow, am I in tune with The Universe or what?