Sunday, January 28, 2007


All that worrying for naught....

Week I of the Immersion was amazing. I am now, officially, an Anusarian. I hope they get Richard Dreyfuss for the screen adaptation.

It was too amazing and too full to go into here in detail. And my mind is still racing. But I'll give you some highlights.

I am SORE. Sore in muscles I'd forgotten were there. Stiff in joints I thought I'd long ago learned how to work 'till exhaustion. But it's not the stiff and soreness that comes from a herky jerky aerobics class or a pulled something or other. It's a sore that says I have expanded and opened to new depths. New experiences with the Universe. In some ways, it reminds me of the sore I get while farming. Interesting, that....

Deb is way cool. She's out there but really down to Earth. While offering lecture on Saturday, she was talking about recognizing the inherent goodness in all of us. And then she said, "Of course, we're all like, "SURE, you see beauty, but if you only really knew me..."" Acknowledging that we're all secretely afraid that there's something missing or flawed at our core. Which made me feel infinitely better. Because if she feels that way too, there's hope for me.

Yoga is orgasmic. When you get a pose - when your body GETS pose - it's like a huge fireball going off in your body and mind that screams YES! Just ask Patrick who finally understands Trikonasana.

It's all about balance. We can't be too concerned with extending outward -- fixing the whole world, always saying yes. But we also can't be too concerned with concentrating at our core -- fixating on ourselves at the expense of all else. A lesson it's high time I embodied.

And the final thing I learned -- knowing a lession and embodying a lesson are two different things. And yoga is the -- no, yoga is "a" -- path from one to the other.