Friday, January 26, 2007

It Can Be Unnerving to Align with the Divine

Tomorrow begins the much anticipated yoga immersion. I am very excited. I am also very nervous.

I am always questing. I am one of those people prone to looking for the next big thing that will "change my life." (Why I want my life to change so badly is a book unto itself because, really, it's not so bad.) The fact that I realize this and acknowledge it is probably good. But it means that I tend to build things up in my mind. And we all know what happens when there's high expectations.

The theme for this particular immersion is "Align with the Divine." The description describes recognizing and uniting with the divine spark that exists within all of us. Pretty heady stuff. If ever there was a life-changing experience, sounds like this would be it, eh?

So although I *have* built this up in my mind, I'm trying to ignore that. Focus on the enjoyment of preparation. Accept that the immersion will be what it will be and that I will still be Kalesy -- better or worse -- when I get through.

Also trying to ignore the obnoxious voice in my soul that tells me what really is inside me is a deep pit of black tarry muck which no amount of yoga can ever fix. Cuz that's counterproductive, really, now ain't it?