Thursday, October 12, 2006

My New Blog

Well, now I have a blog. Call me Captain Obvious. But it's much more practical than whipping out my journal at work and venting...

My random thought of the day --

I often mock my mother for being June Cleaver-light or Emily Post of the New World. But, honestly, I am thankful for (most of) the values she instilled in me. Like remembering the little things. Marking occasions thoughtfully. Being a gracious guest.

So to all my friends and lovers - if you and I are going to an event together, don't expect to show up - to a wedding, shower, party, or whatever - empty handed. Just don't.

Everyone knows I'm not a huge fan of the traditional marriage. Or any marriage, really. But, as I see it -- here's one value marriage offers. It gives guys the chance to learn things their mother would have taught them if they cared enough to actually listen instead of tuning her out and wondering if there's more potatoes or if Connie Chung is nasty in bed.

Aforementioned wedding event is happening in ME. Visiting Colby for the first time since graduating. Wierdness ensues.