Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cooch Roach

A week ago today I had a huge cockroach crawl up my leg.

Writing it like that doesn't make it seem nearly half as disgusting as it was. I'm still having nightmares about it.

I was waiting for a conference to start at the Fairmont Copley in Boston. Not exactly the low rent district. And at first I didn't know what it was. My leg felt tingly, a little electric, slightly cool. And then, reaching down, I felt something moving underneath my skirt. He was truly going for the gold.

I held it together long enough to make it to the ladies room. I have no idea how.

They bought me and Mr. Zips lunch in the Oak Room. Least they could do since they made me lose my breakfast.

I keep seeing that damn bug cowering under the chairs in the conference room and my hate knows no bounds.

Loving all of Earth's creatures is fine theoretically. It's something altogether different when creatures with six legs are trying to make it to home base.