Thursday, April 28, 2011


Many years ago, Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles on my birthday, the 29 of July. I woke early, with my best friend alongside, and watched the entire proceedings. Lady/Princess Diana wore a beautiful dress ... for the 80's. Regardless, she was a princess for an age needing a princess.

Now, it's time for Dianna's son to lead the realm. And in 6+ hours, the festivities will begin. I WANT to watch. I'm eager to see the pageantry and decorum. I also feel slightly guilty about transcending my actual concerns with the distraction of something that means, to be frank, little regarding my daily life and concerns.

The girl in me that threw quarters into the pond at Bloomingdales and wished to wear a Cinderella dress, and the woman in me that adored three days spent in DisneyWorld with unlimited chances to meet princesses, and the person in me who wears trailgear and functional-wear - we're in a bit of a quandry.

Do I waant to wake up uber early to see the pageantry? Or do I just really want to sleep long and deep?

I can't believe this is even a matter of importance....