Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Be Open to New Doors and New Doors will Appear

Now that I once again have stabilized on meds (generously donated to me until I can get this COBRA shit straightened out) I can return to my normal, optimistic self. I still haven't heard from the restaurant owner/manager who explicity told me that he wanted to hire me and then proceeded to cease communication. Yes, I would love to work there. It will give me insight into an industry in which I want to enter. But, I also have to make sure girlfriend can make ends meet... To that effect, I sent out a few email responses to Craigslist ads and, surprisingly, received a few sincere responses. On of which was not even on my radar screen until I saw the ad, but now presents itself as a really positive opportunity. So, I guess what I'm learning from this experience is that I need to ward off that (unmedicated) feeling that I am behind a locked metal door with no options, to realize there are options aplenty, above and beyond and exceeding my expectations. It's easy to fall into the pit of despair that I am sentened to poverty and pain. But once I allow the option of success and bounty to enter into my life, it can come to be. More will be known once I have the "official" interview on Tuesday. But with all options on the table, I'm feeling pretty hopeful that at least one will return on investment.