Friday, May 07, 2010

Isn't it funny?

I sent around an email on Tuesday, alerting my team that, "As of Thursday, 12 noon EDT, I will be off phone, offline, off radar as I will be stalking myself some Norwegian musicians. I will return to the office on Monday. I will return to Earth sometime next month."

And so I was rightfully surprised when my BB rang today and showed a Boston office number. There were two possibilities. CBL or awesome new hire (ANH). I took my chances. It turned out great.

ANH apologized right left and center for calling me. But there was a bit of a debaucle and she was concerned about how to handle it. And, although, yes I am technically of radar, I wasn't at all troubled about talking her through it. I told her in unmistakable terms, that it was fine that she called me, she could free to call me again if she needed to, that she was handling it correctly and that IT WAS ALL GOOD.

I felt great after the phonecall. The crisis was averted, she was comfortable again and all was even more right with the world. (Yes, still on cloud one hundred and nine from last night!)

I even admitted to her that I was still lounging in bed in my hotel room. And she had words of wisdom to offer me: "This weekend you should live for the night and not for the day." Man, I love her!

That being said, if the phonecall HAD been from CBL, I think I would have ripped her hair out from the roots and made her eat it.

Isn't it funny how different people and different approaches can affect your behavior in such different ways?