Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Kripalu for a wonderful Todd Norian yoga workshop. At least, I hope it's wonderful. I assume it will be. I have no reason to expect it won't be.

It will be four days of yoga, meditation, simple vegetarian meals (KALE!), chanting, and all around healthy activities. Not to mention it will be Blackberry free.

So I should be really -- REALLY -- looking forward to it. And I am. Mostly.

I'm also a little nervous.

This trip feels to me like a complete immersion in spiritual healthiness. For someone who, maybe, not so much, has lately been engaging in unhealthiness. What is it going to be like going cold turkey on all my coping strategies?

Also, I will show up knowing no one, having to live in a room with people I don't know, share meals with total strangers and, oh yea, try to fall asleep without aid of ... anything but exhaustion.

So, I am very excited. I will be free to get some serious grounding on. Center myself. Reconnect with what is REALLY important. (hint: it's not work.) But I'm also a little nervous. Will I be different at the end of the weekend? Or will this simply be a respite from decadence?

I am refusing to bring cellphone, blackberry or computer with me so I'll let you know next week how it all goes down.

I have hope and faith that I will be better for the experience. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om.