Tuesday, December 02, 2008


And here's a new question:

Been a hellacouple days. Seriously - 14 hours each yesterday and today. I haven't had a minute nor the energy to work out. I'm still recovering DOOD.

Tomorrow, I get up and fly out to DC for another business trip. Boss wants to hang, of course. Here's my query:

I know I have to spend time meeting with her. It's a business trip, after all.

But there are some amazing Anusara yoga studios in the greater area and, technically, the classes they offer are after business hours. So, what's the policy here?

Is it cool to say I'm on the clock from 8 am (when the show opens) until 5 (an hour after the show closes) and then I'm on my own? Is it kosher to jet off to a yoga class at 6:30 or 7pm during a business trip? What's the policy here? I honestly don't know... Especially when CrazyBossLady want to be my friend...

I better figure this out soon. Leave for the airport at 8 am...