Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Being Type A

From what I can tell, being a "Type A Person" means that you are slightly anal-retentive (yes, it has a hyphen, har har), prone to develop and stick to schedules, and dislike interruptions to routine and threats to your own personal authority.

Which means - sort of by definition - that vacations are kind of a difficult adjustment. Isn't that weird - the thought that vacations are tough?

Yet, here I am, officially more than halfway through my last week of "vacation." And I'm stressed about all the shit I haven't gotten done.

I had all sorts of plans to get things done this week. But then a crazy thing happened. I became spontaneous. I stayed out until the wee hours of the morning on Saturday/Sunday. I went out to dinner last night which turned into very late-night drinks. Today I spent the day - the WHOLE day - with a good friend.

And while I appreciate and value how much fun and enjoyment I had during these and other spontaneous acts. I am also kinda, sorta, in a way, resenting how little time this has left me for my "regular" activities. I blew off the gym today. I have much fresh fruit and veg that is going to rot because I haven't had a chance to prep/cook it. There are SO MANY emails to send I can't even count. And I'm not even mentioning the stuff I wanted to look at/prep up on before the new gig starts on Monday.

I realize this is making me sound like a huge stick in the mud and really not much fun. But, on the other hand, is it really so awful to know in your heart and mind the things that work for you and the things that don't?

Of course, all of this is known through the lens that I will, for all intents and purposes, be losing my ENTIRE Friday and quite possibly Saturday because I am FINALLY going sailing with Good Buddy. I've only waited the whole summer. But, yes, I fully realize how little in the way of productive tasks will get done before/during/after said sailing trip. And, yes, there is a part of me that is begruding missing Group Power on Friday Evening. But that part is small. Really small. Because, after all this time, if I've learned anything, it's that I should treasure and cherish my time spent with Good Buddy. After all....

If only I could learn to put the rest of my life into such perspective.