Monday, April 14, 2008


So, it's time for the annual Webby Awards. As someone who spends a grossly inordinate amount of time online, I figure I should pay attention to which sites other folks deem worthwhile. But this year, the Entertainment > Humor category has me conflicted.

Announced during Saturday's show, Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me (the NPR newsquiz show, coming to you live from the Chase Auditorium in beautiful downtown Chicago. And here's your host, Peter Segel!), has been nominated. Now, not only am I a faithful NPR listener/supporter but I am a Wait! Wait! addict. So, no-brainer, right?

Except, wait, what's this? Also nominated is RatherGood - a site full of the crazy imagination of one Joel Veitch. I stumbled upon this mad brilliance many, many moons ago through the website/message board of B3TA. B3TA sends out a weekly newsletter and for more than five years it's been the highlight of my working week. As it's mostly British/European humor, well, it's right up my AngloAlley.

So which vote do I cast? Is Joel the little guy up against the corporate behemoth (ha!) of NPR? Maybe I can convince myself that if I vote for Wait! Wait!, subconsciously Carl will know and will finally record his voice on my home answering machine.

Alas, I am conflicted. Perhaps I'll have to go down to the Gay Bar Gay Bar Gay Bar to figure it out....