Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Stuffage

As part of my commitment to making my new house a home, I invested in previously mentioned furniture. To prove how wise a decision this was, I offer these before and after photos.

Old couch:

New couch:

Methinks I made a great decision. What do you think?

The best part (well, the best part is how comfortable it is. But the second best part) is that a friend of mine got in touch with me and asked me to freelance for his dad's company. I'm putting together a proposal now and, if all goes well (and there's no reason it shouldn't) I'll get the gig AND the paycheck. Under the table. Hello new living room set all paid for. No baseball required.

I just love how the Universe takes care of me.

Oh yea, just for kicks. Here's the view from the beach that's exactly .75 miles from my new home. Sigh.

And here's my new office. Sigh more.