Wednesday, September 19, 2007


At writing group last night, we had a High Fidelity moment - the three out of five of us who are suffering through/recovering from recent breakups made a list of top five breakup songs of all time. (I'm slightly embarrassed to say this conversation was brought on by my mention of the recent ticket purchase to the Morrissey show. Moz, how I love thee!)

So, in honor of Nick Hornby and John Cusack I give you ...

Good things that have happened to me in one week:
  1. I got a new job
  2. Awesome yoga teacher is back teaching evenings
  3. I got to tell HR what I think of Napolean w/out fear
  4. I found out my gym has a "sister" gym exactly 3.6 miles from my new office. No joining fees!
  5. I don't have to go to FL for a tradeshow so I can go to the Eye of the Tiger class with Todd Norian and Ann Green
  6. I got a week's delay on my start date so I have a week to scratch my ass (or, more likely, hike and write)
  7. Morrissey tickets
  8. I've reconnected with some old and new friends - amazing people all
  9. I've lost five more pounds (ah, the grief diet)
  10. I signed up for NaNoWriMo (details forthcoming)

If you look for the good in things, you're sure to find it -- Pollyanna