Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Loser's Club Vacations in Maine, Pt. 1

Well, I am back from vacation. And although I was nearly in tears by 8:15 a.m. after downloading all the emails I received while I was away (gone for 2 days and I have 137 emails? Surely I am NOT that important...) I think the trip was well worth it.

Except for the fairly losers' clubish stuff that happened....

I have to hold off on telling the first tale as it will be greatly enhanced by the photographs Mr. Zips took. Suffice to say it involves rocks, heights, and a panic attack.

Yesterday, we got up n' at em, had a lovely breakfast at an outdoor cafe, and then hunkered down in the car for the 5+ hour drive. The thing with Maine is that you just can't get there from here. I kept myself occupied by reading the hilarious roadside signs including the "Hair Force One Cutting Studio" and the store named simply, "Stuff." I also enjoyed the numerous flea markets selling moose antlers and boasting "EXTREME FAMILY FUN!"

Finally, we made it back to civilization - an hour north of Boston on I-95 S in New Hampshire. Exiting the toll booth, Mr. Zips very calmly said, "And there's a flat tire." Followed immediately by the unmistakable thudding, shuddering, and all over shaking that accompanies a blowout. Somehow, we safely made it across four lanes of traffic.

Luckily, Mr. Zips had been given a AAA membership almost exactly 1 year ago - it expires Aug. 31. But that's still plenty of time for a tow. And while we got a little bit of attitude from the kid from Dave's Towing for not having a spare, we were rescued, fixed up and back on the road in record time.

Just in time for rush hour traffic.

To give him his props, Mr. Zips never once lost it. He had to shell out nearly $300 for new tires and alignment and never once whined or anything. In fact, he was comforting me as I sighed and moaned about how exhausted I was and how much I missed my kittens.

So, today, to reward him for being an all around generally fabulous human being, I bought him a membership - effective Aug. 31 - to the Better World Club. It's kinda like AAA but it has an environmental conscience and doesn't lobby for more cars, more roads, bigger badder benefits for GM, Ford, et. al. Here's hoping he never needs to use it.
Here's Mr. Zips making the best of the situation as we lurk amid the tires at the car store...