Thursday, July 26, 2007


Met a new bunch of folks at a (new to me) book group tonight. I had a really good time. As is my usual wont and paranoia, I worried that I came across too loud, too proud for a first meeting. I can't help it. I love books - I love analyzing them, thinking about them, questioning them. And when I get in that place - inspired and motivated - I just get, well, loud. Still, Kalesy should remember that she is an acquired taste....

But I really liked a few of the gals I met tonight and I hope that I could at least possibly have introduced myself to one or two people who might, somehow, someway, become my friends. Because I am tired of being that cat lady.

Of course, the other great upside of being inspired and motivated is that I get all these great ideas to write about. And so I came home and fired up the computer. Alas, it is far too hot in my apartment - and I am far too tired - to get much done. But I did get the beginnings of a story down, so at least I shouldn't forget what I was going to say....

Still no decision as to how to spend the looming birthday weekend. Best decide soon. Keebs is mentioning the hang outage and I really (really) hate to dirt her. But I am truly, honestly, and cross-my-heart worried that if I don't make the drive out to Western MA, Mr. Zips will either hate me or leave me or both. And is my ever increasing level of complete emotional exhaustion (only magnified tenfold by Napolean's decision not to leave town tonight but rather tomorrow night (read, post 5 p.m. on a FRIDAY)) enough to merit a raincheck from a drive out to Western MA? Or, for that matter, is the exhaustion so high that I can't even put up with an argument/discussion so that I'll suck up and do the drive on my Bday just to avoid it because, yes folks, I am that wrung out?

It's not that I don't want to see Mr. ZIps this weekend. I want nothing more. I just don't want to spend my birthday stuck in traffic, behind the wheel of a car with no AC when I could spend it so very easily lying down, flat on my back. In bed or on the beach, either way, it's sleep.