Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Must Be Invisible

I think I'm invisible today.

This a.m., had to stop at Kinko's to OK a proof of a quick print job. Was pulling into the last remaining parking spot in front of the store when a big ass SUV starts backing up into it/me.

Waiting in line at the dreaded ABP, the guy in line behind me comes up to the register, puts down his food, and starts paying the cashier even before I had my own lunch bought and paid for.

Walking back to the office I was trailed all the way into the elevator - and this includes through the revolving door - by an old guy with cigar breath. (Yes, he was so close, I smelled the cigar.)

Stuck in traffic on Mem Drive, a car pulls out right in front of me and nearly takes off my front end.

Either I've been watching too much Supernatural or I really need to start wearing neon orange.
Oh, wait, maybe my Voicemail is coming true and the NSA is after me....