Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's Officially Spring!

Last night was the full Egg Moon - and you know what that means. Easter! Because EVERY Christian holiday is set by the lunar calendar. Oh, wait....

"The Pagan religion had very big festivals, remember, on Easter and Christmas. The Christian religion came along and had very big festivals, at Easter and Christmas. Jesus died on one and was born on the other. ( doubting sounds ) ‘Cause Jesus I do think did exist, and he was, I think, a guy who had interesting ideas in the Gandhi-type area, in the Nelson Mandela-type area, you know, relaxed and groovy; and the Romans thought, "Relaxed and groovy?! No, no, no, no, no!" So they murdered him. And kids eat chocolate eggs, because of the color of the chocolate, and the color of the... wood on the cross. Well, you tell me! It's got nothing to do with it, has it? ... Bunny rabbits are for shagging, eggs are for fertility. It's a festival - it's the spring festival!" -- the brilliant Eddie Izzard in Dress to Kill

But I do love spring if, for no other reason, it means the start of Toenail Painting Season. I've long maintained that there is little in life that is so bad that blue toenail polish can't fix it. Or, in this case, purple, in honor of the season. I don't know why I love painting my toenails so much - maybe it's because dancing en pointe left me without any nails to speak of for years. Maybe because it's my one nod to femininity. Whatever the reason, break out the Wet N Wild, here comes the open toed shoes!

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